Frisco TX – When to Contact the IRS Taxpayers Advocates Service

The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is and independent organization within the IRS that was set up for the purpose to act as a voice for taxpayers.   While the existence of the TAS is not known by most taxpayers, it can be effective means of helping both businesses and individuals with issues with the IRS causing financial hardship to them.


When and Why a Taxpayer Should Contact the Taxpayers Advocate Services

TAS is not meant to circumvent the normal IRS channels.  Before contacting TAS, taxpayers should attempt to go through the proper channels within the IRS including working with collections, the Group Manager, and in some cases Appeals.

Where the Taxpayer Advocate Services is especially effective when the IRS is unfairly threatening a taxpayer with time sensitive adverse action or when the IRS isn’t responding to the taxpayer in a timely manner.  In some cases, cases are referred to the TAS by a congressional office.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is unable to make collection decisions but they can effectively assist taxpayers.  For example, if the Taxpayer is have been levied and has provided collections with what has been requested but has been unable to get collections to respond, while the TAS can’t remove the levy, they can get the escalate the issue within the IRS to get a response.


How to Contact Taxpayer Advocate Services

A Taxpayer should complete Form 911 (Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance) and fax it to their local TAS Office.  A list of the offices can be found at   The Taxpayer can expect to hear back from a TAS representative within 48 hours.


Do You Need Help With an IRS Issue?

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