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Mortgage Banking

The Mortgage Industry is complex and full of both opportunity and risk, from both a Financial and a Compliance perspective. Our firm has over 25 years of experience building top level accounting and finance teams in the industry, for both small and large companies. We can help you to maximize margins, and provide clarity to your financial results and cash flow. Some of the areas we can help with include –

  • Weekly and Monthly Bookkeeping Services
    • Effectively collect receivables, pay bills, and record accounting transactions
    • Pay Employees Timely and Accurately
    • Accurately calculate commissions
    • We can provide loan level accounting
  • Financial Reporting
    • Clear, Concise reporting to effectively run your business
    • Comparison to Industry Peers
  • Develop Policies and Procedures
    • Lower the threat of fraud and losses
  • Meet Compliance Requirements
    • Failure to meet IRS compliance with tax filing requirements can be costly and time consuming.
    • Insure timely payment of Mortgage Insurance and reconciliation of Escrow Funds
      • CFP Compliance
      • Lower Repurchase Risk
    • Lower the Cost of and Improve Audit Results with cleaner accounting records. Please note that we are not an accounting firm and do not provide audits or attestations.
    • Budget and Planning
      • Identify where you are going and create a process to reach your goals. Know where you’re going.
      • Put yourself in a position to never outrun cash.
    • CFO Guidance As an outsourced service, I can give you access to this extensive experience for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a full-time CFO at my level.
      • Ongoing consultations and coaching to maximize profits and company value.
      • Minimize catastrophic risks
      • SWOT Financial Analysis and focus on critical factors.

Client Testimonials

“During my 47 year career in mortgage banking I have had the opportunity to work with several outstanding chief financial officers. Most of those years were with very large bank owned mortgage companies. Bob Jablonsky is a very special CFO and provided me with excellent feedback, financial advice and assistance during my time as President of Stockton Turner. He is absolutely the very BEST in providing “What If” scenarios! I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend him!”

Doug Turner
Stockton Turner Mortgage Bankers

“Bob is quick to find problems and provide solutions rather than taking a passive attitude. I had no experience tearing apart financials, but he worked with me to understand clearly where we were reaching our goals and where we had challenges and problems.

Bud Wood
Pine State Mortgage Corp.

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