Bob Jablonsky and Associate’s Tax Package Options

We Have Multiple Solutions.  You Pick the Best Solution for You!

We know that there is no one Tax Package that fits all of our clients in the same way that we don’t all order the same food, wear the same clothes, or enjoy the same movies. With our three alternatives for a tax package, just as you can choose between a top of the line steak or a good burger at a restaurant, you get to choose what’s right for you in the balance between simply having a your tax return prepared by a tax pro accurately and promptly, or if you have the need for expert tax planning and the need to have complex tax matters where you need access to us during the year.

What are the Solutions we offer our Clients?

  • Your tax return is pretty straight forward and doesn’t change much each year. You tend to not have many questions and do not feel the need for tax planning to reduce your tax liability.  If that’s the case, our Essentials package may be just right for you.  You’ll send our your information and once we resolve ny questions, we’ll accurately and promptly prepare your return send it to you for review, you will sign your return electronically, and we will file and upload a copy of your return to your own private portal.  The cost of a tax return in our Essentials package is based on the complexity and the forms and scheduled required to file your return.
  • Do you want to have a 30 minute meeting with the Tax Pro who completed your return to learn more about your return and your obligation and perhaps opportunities to reduce your liability in the future? In addition, do you want to have a 30 minute mid-year review with a “Projection” of where you are at and review changes to make before year-end?  Do you want access to us to review any IRS notices that you receive so that you respond accurately to the notice? As a bonus, we will provide our IRS Transcript Tracking Service which allow us to potentially identify potential audits and/or problems that the IRS has found months in advance of the IRS formally notifying you. If this sounds like you, our Gold Support Package may be right for you.
  • What if you have financial and/or tax situation and it changes significantly from year to year or even quarter to quarter. You may need support throughout the year that is available with our Platinum Support Package.  With Platinum, in addition to what you get in the Gold Package, you have free unlimited email support throughout the year and three quarterly meetings to make sure you are track and assist with quarterly estimated payments.

Of course, you may be confident of what is best for you and if that sounds like you, all of these services are offered on an a la crate basis.  At Bob Jablonsky and Associates, you have the ability to pick the right package for your needs.


Bob Jablonsky and Associates
Tax Package Pricing

Bob jablonsky and Associates Support Packages

Monthly newsletter to educate you and keep you on top of the IRS changes communicated in an easy-to-understand manner.

24/7 access to all tax returns filed by our firm kept in a secure online vault.

Preparation of tax return by an experienced Enrolled Agent and electronic filing.

30 minute strategy web (or in-person) meeting to review return results and gain an understanding of your tax results.

IRS transcript tracking to identify IRS notices and potentially the identification of audits in advance of official IRS notification.

A review of any IRS notice to give you confidence that you are responding accurately to the notice.

A mid-year 30-minute web meeting with a Tax Pro that will assist you in tax planning for the year ahead.

Unlimited email support for your tax questions. Any questions, anytime. We're here when you need us!

Three quarterly 30-minute tax consultation web meetings in June, September, and December, that will allow us to help you reduce your tax liability, be proactive with any issues you have, and help you to meet your goals.

Updated tax projections with recommendations at either your September or December meeting (your choice) to eliminate surprises for the upcoming tax season.




A La Carte Prices

30 Minute Strategy Meeting to Review Return$115
Annual Tracking of IRS Transcripts$150
Review of Tax Letters from IRS/Texas Comptroller’s Office$195/hour
Email Support$195/hour
Real-Time Tax Projections and 30 Minute Meeting$295 – Current Clients Only
Tax Consultation via Web Meeting$195/hour
Other Tax Consulting Services$195/hour

Note: Package items expire on December 31st of the year of the signed contract.