Payroll Taxes

Payroll Tax Debt is the Number One priority of the IRS. Payroll Taxes collected by employers make up approximately 70% of the government’s revenues. In addition, the government looks harshly at employer’s who they perceive as taking employee’s money that belongs to the government and keeping it.

As a result, penalties for failing to pay your payroll taxes and filing your payroll tax returns on time are much more severe than other types of penalties. They can drastically multiply the amount you owe in a very short time. In addition to the taxes and penalties owed by the business, owners and officers determined to be “Responsible Parties” can be held personally liable for Trust Fund Recovery Penalty portions of the tax, and in some cases pursued criminally.

If you are behind on paying payroll taxes for your company, you should be proactive in addressing the issue. Your failure to do so, could result in losing your business as well as being held personally liable.

If you are the owner of a business behind on your payroll taxes, the IRS will likely want to interview you. How you answer their questions can determine whether you keep or lose your business an whether you incur personal liability. It is critical to hire a professional, who is experienced in how to effectively represent your interests before the IRS to achieve the best outcome possible. There are solutions available to You!

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Our firm specializes in resolving IRS Collection Cases, including Payroll Tax Issues for businesses. We have a clear understanding of how to resolve Payroll Taxes issues for the business as well as to minimize personal liability exposure to business owners.

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