Sales Tax Problems

As the budget problems of states continue to grow, the need for revenues in each state grows as well. One way for states to address their revenue issues are through the collection of Sales and Use Tax. Each state, and often each jurisdiction within states, has different rates and different rules. It is critical to understand these rules to navigate the process.

How do the states insure compliance of these complex rules? The most common way is through a sales tax audit. As part of normal business operations, most businesses will go through a sales tax audit and the likelihood will only increase as states continue to search for sources of revenues to reach their budget targets. What does this mean to you if you are a business? If you don’t collect sales tax properly, you may not only owe the taxes themselves but substantial penalties and interest.

If you find yourself with sales tax problems – Either a notice of audit or a notice of assessment and need professional assistance, we have the experience and skills to help you resolve the process in a manner that is the most favorable to you!