Garland TX – What Does a CP504 Notice From the IRS Really Mean?

If you’ve received a CP504 Notice from the IRS, it will most likely look very scary to you.  It is typically sent by Certified Mail and states Notice of Intent to seize (levy) your property or rights to property.  While it is important to respond to this notice (this means the IRS has already sent several earlier notices to you and you are getting close to getting a Final Notice of Intent to Levy), if you read underneath that threat and under the amount  due, it further states that This is a notice of intent to levy your state tax refund or other property.   In order to begin levy of your bank account and garnishment of payroll, the IRS will send you a final Notice (typically LT 11) and you will have 30 days to respond to that notice.

Why Should You Care About the CP504 Notice?

  • You have a tax balance that was not paid by the due date.
  • The IRS has now sent you several ntices and it has now escalated to being received via Certified Letter.
  • The is information you of their intent to levy your state tax refund.
  • The IRS may file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien against your assets, including your property. Keep in mind that once a lien is filed against your property, it becomes much more difficult to remove it, than to have avoided having one filed.

What Should You Do If You Receive the CP504 Notice?

The notice states that you have 30 Days to respond to the IRS.  I believe that you should respond to the IRS either by phone or mail since the problem will likely only escalate.  As noted above, typically the next notice will be the Final Notice of Intent to Levy, after which the IRS may begin to levy your bank account, wages, and other assets.  As with all tax debts, your options to resolve the tax debt include:

  • Setting up a Payment Plan,
  • Offers-In-Compromise where you settle with the IRS for less than the full amount of the debt,
  • Currently Uncollectable Status, and
  • Bankruptcy

While anyone can work with the IRS with these solutions, it is often helpful to work with a Tax Resolution Specialist to find the best solution available to you and to assure that you are invoking all of your rights as a taxpayer.

Do you Need Help?

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