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Professional Tax Preparation & Planning

Who better to help you with your with your annual tax preparation and planning than the Broward County IRS Enrolled Agent who helps solve tax problems everyday!

Let’s face it – preparing your own income tax return can be quite a difficult task that leaves you with a lot of questions. Tax laws are extremely complicated and to make matters worse they’re constantly changing.

Our goal is to make tax time as quick and pain-free as possible for you. We can help you navigate the maze of forms, requirements, deadlines, and constantly changing tax laws so that you can be aware of the possible financial opportunities available to your circumstances. Tax preparation and planning is a distinct advantage of Bob Jablonsky & Associates professional services.

Always Hire a Licensed Tax Preparer!

The person who cuts you hair is required to have a license, but believe it or not there is no license requirement to prepare tax returns!

Now a bad hair cut can be fixed with time, but a mistake on a tax return can cause problems that linger for years. That’s why if you go to a tax chain it is crtical to ask about the qualifications of the person helping with your return. It is in your best interest to always find a licensed tax professional to help you with your annual tax preparation.

Do you have Multiple Years of Unfiled Returns?

Having multiple years of unfiled returns is one of the most common tax problems. At Jablonsky and Associates we can help you file your back taxes and create a plan to help you pay any balances you may owe.

“We have enjoyed working with Bob over the past few years. His expertise and knowledge in the tax laws has been most helpful and has likely kept us out of trouble. We appreciate that he is always available to answer a quick question, and for taking time to answer the longer more complicated questions in detail and in layman’s terms that are easy to understand.”

Jerilyn Miller
President – Jerilyn Miller and Company

Complimentary Consultation

We’d love to meet you and discuss how we can help you with your tax preparation and planning requirements. Call us at 954-712-7285 or schedule time on our calendar at https://jablonskyandassociates.com/contact/to set up your no-cost, no-obligation tax consultation.

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