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New IRS Program for Tax Debt over $50K

Owe the IRS Up to $250K of assessed taxes?  The now permanent Non-Streamlined Installment Agreement May Be For You! Earlier this year, the IRS made permanent a pilot payment plan initiated during COVID that may make it easier for taxpayers owing the IRS up to $250K....

What Are All These Notices I’m Getting From The IRS ?

The IRS has announced that it will be sending 5 to 8 million CP14 notices to taxpayers that filed returns with taxes owed.  The CP14 notice is the first in a series of notices that the taxpayer will receive. Each of these notices provides you with information...

IRS Lien Vs. Levy – What’s the Difference?

I have taxpayers call or come into my office and tell me that the IRS liened my bank account or levied my house.  It can all get very confusing and wanted to take a few moments to discuss the difference between a levy and a...

The IRS Garnished My Wages? Here’s What To Do!

When a taxpayer owes income taxes to the government, one of the major tools at the disposal of the IRS are levies. Levies and seizures include taking the assets of the taxpayers. Typically, these are bank funds but could include investments, retirement funds, vehicles...

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