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The Home Office Deduction Done Right!

A question that comes up from my Realtor clients along with many other small business owners, is can I deduct my Home Office costs.  This has become even more of an issue due to COVID as more and more of us work out of our homes.  Today we’ll touch on when...

Two Ways to Remove IRS Penalties

Today I want to cover a popular topic with Taxpayers that owe the IRS.  Can Penalties be removed?  When a Taxpayer owes the IRS, penalties can add up quickly.  If a Taxpayer files late and pays their taxes late, they can find themselves with penalties...

Estimated Tax Payments for Realtors

At Bob Jablonsky and Associates, we specializing in guiding Realtors through their tax issues, including staying in compliance and making estimated tax payments timely.  Our goal is to help these professionals minimize their taxes while making sure that they stay out...

Understanding Payroll Tax Problems!

COVID-19 is having a drastic impact on Small Business Owners across the country and is creating a crisis for Small Business Owners in making Payroll Tax Payments timely. During any economic downturn, business owners often have to make difficult cash flow decisions....

Five Expenses to Cut During Tough Times

If revenue hasn’t come back as fast as you expected it to, it may be time to review your budget and determine if some planned expenses can be cut. Here are five places to look to do just that. 1. Travel Since most events have been moved online or cancelled altogether,...

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