IRS Payment Plans

If you have IRS Debt and do not qualify for the Offer-In-Compromise alternative, you will want to consider entering into a installment payment plan with the IRS.  While you will need to make payments in an effort to pay your IRS in full or in part (if you qualify), entering into an Installment plan can put an end to levies and asset seizures and bring back normalcy to your life.   There are three different types that include –

  1. Streamlined Plans – The simplest to create if you can pay your debt in full within
  2. Full Payment Plans – Must qualify and Do you owe the IRS an amount of money,
  3. Partial Payment Plans –

The qualification requirements for each of these plans are different as is the process to get the plan set-up.  In order to get the best alternative set-up, you should understand the requirements to qualify and how the IRS determines what is an acceptable payment amount.

How Can We Help

Our firm specializes in resolving IRS Collection Cases and one of the primary tools that we use to successfully resolve IRS Debt for our clients are Installment Payment Plans.  We have a clear understanding of the requirements to be eligible, how to accurately calculate Reasonable Collection Potential, and how to put together a package that has the best chance of being approved.

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