IRS Penalties

IRS Penalties. Let Us Seek an Abatement of your Tax Penalties!

We often meet with taxpayers that fall into difficult times and fall behind with tax compliance. Many of these taxpayers have the intention of catching up with their taxes “later”. Unfortunately, what these taxpayer’s often find is that over time, penalties and interest cause what was once a difficult tax situation, is now almost impossible. The IRS authorized under the Tax Code to assess penalties for failure to file tax returns timely, failure to pay taxes timely, and failure to make payroll tax deposits timely.

The good news is that depending on your individual situation, there may alternatives to get rid of these penalties! We can work with you, and after reviewing your tax transcripts, and learning about your individual situation, will advise you as to what penalties can be removed, and will be your work as your advocate to get the penalties removed and your tax debt lowered.

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