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Law Firms

Law firm accounting offers several unique challenges, and we are happy to work with the management law partner to make sure everything is done to compliance and to the firm’s goals.

One of the most critical items is accounting for case costs. Any mistake here and the firm’s profitability can suffer.  Proper classification between advanced client costs, which is an asset, and reimbursable client costs, which is an expense is essential.

Another area that can provide a challenge is trust accounts and maintaining accurate client balances at all times.  We can help you set up your books correctly so that the reconciliation is easy, fast, and accurate.

A third area of challenge in law firm accounting is when two separate systems are used for accounting and billing.  It’s important to streamline the integration between these two systems to smooth workflow and maximize data accuracy.

We provide the following accounting services to law firms:

  • Legal accounting software selection, installation, customization, and training
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services for law firms, including reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable support
  • Financial report preparation, including assistance in understanding your reports
  • Time-tracking support for hourly billers
  • Chart of Accounts design for trust accounts and case costs
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Mobile accounting functionality
  • Sales tax reporting and compliance
  • Payroll software selection, reporting, tax compliance, workers compensation, and other payroll management issues
  • Assistance with employee versus contractor issues
  • Benchmarking to your industry
  • Tax return preparation and planning
  • And more depending on your specific financial needs


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