Have IRS Debt? Learn about changes in IRS Due to the Coronavirus!

Yesterday (March 25th, 2020) the IRS announced a People First Initiative, where the IRS announced that their priority would be helping taxpayers through uncertain times versus collection actions. These would include providing various payments relief and postponing taking compliance actions. What are some of these changes? Have an Installment

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Richardson TX – What Factors pu you at risk for an IRS Audit?

When my clients come to me and provide me their tax information, I sometimes see red flags pop out that I address with them before filing. This review helps to minimize any issues they might have with future IRS reviews/audits. However, I also have taxpayers who come

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Frisco TX – Audit Reconsideration vs a Doubt as to Liability OIC – Which is best when the IRS incorrectly assesses Income Tax

When taxpayer’s come into our Richardson, TX tax office with what they believe is an erroneous tax assessment by the IRS, two options that we commonly use to challenge the underlying tax are Audit Reconsideration and a Doubt-as-to-Liability Offer-In-Compromise.  There are similarities and differences between these two

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