Dallas TX – Payment Plan Options When You Owe the IRS

It’s my experience in working with taxpayers who owe the IRS, there are also other problems going on in their lives that created the IRS problem and they get paralyzed, don’t resolve their tax problem, and find it getting worse and worse.  When tax debt is not dealt

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Plano TX – Owe the IRS? You May Have Passports Problems!

When taxpayer’s have IRS Debt, the IRS has a number of tools to use to collect the debt.  Those include levies, liens, and can also include revoking the taxpayer’s passport.  For some taxpayers, this is not a major threat.  For others, there can be a substantial impact

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Plano TX – Safe Harbor For QBI Deductions for Rental Real Estate

Taxpayers involved in Real Estate are the largest group of tax clients for my Richardson, TX tax firm. Did you know that Landlords who spend at least 250 hours a year managing and maintaining their rental properties may be eligible for the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction (QBID). That averages

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What Are the Potential Consequences If I Don’t File My Tax Return Timely

For the personal returns of taxpayers, the IRS gives taxpayers until April 15th to file their tax return. However, if a taxpayer cannot file timely, by submitting IRS Form 4868, they are granted an extension to file their return until October 15th. Before we go further, I

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Dallas TX – The Impact of IRS Tax Reform on Deductions for Homeowner’s

The majority of the clients of my Richardson, TX tax firm itemized their deductions prior to the Tax Reform and Jobs Act of 2017 or the TCJA (which primarily took effect in 2018). However, since the TCJA, that number has dropped substantially. As a quick overview, taxpayers

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Plano TX – Now is the Time To Finish Tax Planning for 2019

It’s always a good idea to look for ways to minimize your tax liability. Taking advantage of opportunities before the year comes to a close is a smart move. Here are a few things to think about: Are you making the maximum contribution to your §401(k), IRA

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Plano TX – What does the IRS Consider to be a Real Estate Professional and the Impact on Taxes

In this week’s installment in our series of taxation and investing in Real Estate we will discuss who qualifies as a Real Estate Professional in the eyes of the IRS and what does it mean to be a Real Estate Professional.   Generally, if I ask any taxpayer

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Plano TX – Tax Deductible Expenses for Real Estate Rental Properties

Last week we covered reporting Rental Real Estate activities on tax returns. This week we’ll give an overview of Expenses. Next week, we will cover depreciation separately and we will continue to cover various topics pertaining to Rental Real Estate over the coming weeks. In general, the

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Frisco TX – Why Married Taxpayers Should Consider Filing Separately

Typically, married couples file their Income Taxes using Married Filing Joint status without any thought. For most couples, the combined tax burden of the household will be lower when using Married Filing Joint (MFJ) status vs. using Married Filing Separately (MFS) status, so it makes sense to

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Frisco TX – Requesting a CDP Hearing vs. An Equivalent Hearing to fight an IRS Levy

 If you owe the IRS, one of the most powerful enforcement tools of the IRS is the tax levy  Tax Levies include bank levies, wage garnishments, or other asset seizures. When taxpayer’s come into our Richardson, TX tax office and have received a Final Notice of Intent

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