When Business Taxes Become Personal Liabilities

In the upcoming months, many small businesses will struggle to survive.  In order to survive difficult times, business owners often need to make decisions on what they should and shouldn’t pay.  Sometimes, it comes down to making decisions that have no good answers. For example, an employer

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Plano TX – Under Threat of an IRS Levy? Here’s what the IRS CAN’T take.

When a Taxpayer owes income taxes to the federal government, the IRS does not immediately levy the taxpayer and take everything that they own. The IRS will typically send the taxpayer a number of notices. If the taxpayer doesn’t respond, the IRS may send a “Notice of

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Plano TX – Why 2020 Might Be Time To Deal with your IRS Problems

If you’ve owed the IRS over the past 10 years, while you may not have been lucky to have an IRS problem, in general, we’ve seen a much less aggressive IRS in collecting tax debt.  As an Advocate for Taxpayers with IRS problems, I have found the IRS

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Frisco TX – Did You Know That The IRS May Accept a Payment Plan That Won’t Full Pay Your Tax Debt? The Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA)

Did you know that as a taxpayer who owes income taxes to the IRS, you may qualify for a payment plan that if all payments are made, will not completely pay your tax debt within the 10 years that the IRS has to collect income tax debt? 

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Plano TX – Owe the IRS? You May Have Passports Problems!

When taxpayer’s have IRS Debt, the IRS has a number of tools to use to collect the debt.  Those include levies, liens, and can also include revoking the taxpayer’s passport.  For some taxpayers, this is not a major threat.  For others, there can be a substantial impact

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Frisco TX – When a Taxpayer does not file income Taxes – The IRS SFR (Substitute for Return)

We sometimes have taxpayers who come into our Richardson, TX tax office who have not filed a tax return for all years or many years and who are confused when the IRS is attempting to collect tax from them in a year that they know they never filed.    

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Dallas TX – Why Being in Currently Uncollectable Status with IRS Debt Might be the Perfect Time To File an Offer-In-Compromise

There are times when I have taxpayers come into our Richardson, TX tax office, who are experiencing difficult financial times, often through no fault of their own.  Perhaps they’ve had a death in the family, lost their jobs for an extended period of time, or have had

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Plano TX – What is Currently Not Collectible Status from the IRS?

Big companies are known for getting all sorts of breaks, but when average people fall behind, they rarely receive help. When you owe back taxes, but can’t afford to pay them, then you may qualify for a special tax status known as currently not collectible. If you’re

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